Terms of Services

These terms and conditions define general terms and conditions governing product purchase activities on the Site of Cinefye (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”).

Buyers are required to read and agree to the contents of these Terms and Conditions before the Buyer makes a purchase transaction at Cinefye. If the Buyer does not agree to the contents of these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer is strongly advised not to make a purchase transaction at Cinefye.

By making a purchase transaction at Cinefye, Buyer means agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and declaring to be bound and subject to the Agreement with the Online Store and the Terms and Conditions.

A. Definition

  1. “Cinefye” is an individual business liability company under the trade name Cinefye. 

  2. “Cinefye.com” Is where Cinefye displays Products and Prices to be sold to Buyers.

  3. “Products” are items that are sold on Cinefye according to what is in the product catalog on the site Cinefye.com. 

  4. “Price” is the price in USD currency for each Product sold at Cinefye.

  5. “Agreement” is an agreement between the Buyer and Cinefye regarding Products and Prices that occur when the Buyer agrees to buy the Product by sending the Order Form and Cinefye send confirmation of Order has been received. In the Agreement, the Buyer is obliged to pay the Price, and the Online Store is obliged to send the Products.

  6. “Order Form” is a form that must be filled in by a Buyer to order a purchased Product, which contains details of the Buyer Name, Address, Phone Number, Product (along with the number, color, and type), Payment Methods, and Shipping Methods that are automatically issued by the system to the Buyer, before the Buyer completes the purchase.

  7. “Order” Products to be purchased by the Buyer include the number, color and type, and price.

B. Products and Prices

  1. Products and information or an overall description of the product (including but not limited to color, quality, function, etc.) displayed on Cinefye.com is accurate, true, and in accordance with the actual situation. Color differences may occur depending on the Buyer’s computer/tablet/mobile monitor

  2. The Buyer acknowledges that the true color of the Product is as shown on the website Cinefye.com depending on the monitor computer/tablet/handphone Buyer. Cinefye has made best efforts to ensure color in the photographs displayed on Cinefye.com appears as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that the appearance of colors on Cinefye.com will be entirely accurate.

  3. Prices displayed on Cinefye.com are accurate and in effect, at the time the price is stated. Prices can change from time to time, however, changes will not affect Orders that have been confirmed by Cinefye. The buyer will only pay the price stated on the confirmed Order Form.

  4. Cinefye is responsible for the availability of all Products displayed on Cinefye.com. If the product stock is not available or out of stock, Cinefye will include a statement that the Product is not available or out of stock. 

  5. Regarding availability, product stock can change at any time, so that the product stock is empty Cinefye has the right to refuse orders from the Buyer, and the payment for the relevant Products is returned to the Buyer.

  6. Buyers are required to read, understand, and agree to the information/description of the entire product (including but not limited to color, quality, function, etc.) and prices before making an offer or commitment to purchase by filling out the Order Form.

C. Order Process

  1. Buyers are deemed to have understood, acknowledged, accepted, and agreed to the Products and Prices as well as the descriptions and conditions of the Products as they were when the Buyer sent the Order Form to the Seller.

  2. Cinefye will send an Order receipt notification to the Buyer stating that the Order has been received, a summary of the Order, and payment instructions to be carried out by the Buyer. 

  3. If the Buyer finds an error in writing data in the Order Form, the Buyer can immediately contact the Online Store via the chat feature or the number listed on the website. 

  4. Buyers and Cinefye state legally bound by the current Agreement when Cinefye sends notification of the receipt of Order.

  5. After the Buyer makes payment and confirmation of payment are received by Cinefye, Cinefye will send a notification to the Buyer that the Order will be processed immediately.

  6. Cinefye will send a notification to the Buyer when the Order will be shipped and it is in the process of shipping until the Order arrives at its destination.

  8. The coverage area of ​​the delivery is subject to courier availability which can be checked via the website.

D. Payment

  1. Payment is made by the Buyer in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

  2. Order payment can be made via credit card; debit card; or Paypal.

  3. For each type of payment, the Buyer will be subject to the following administrative fees:

    Kartu Kredit/Kartu Debit. : 2.9% of Transaction Value*

    *Transaction Value means Product Price + Shipping Cost

  4. Payment is considered paid if the amount of money is received Cinefye in accordance with the amount to be paid as stated in the Order Form. Buyers are expected to immediately confirm the payment through the “Confirm Payment” feature available on Cinefye.com or contact us via email. 

  5. Cinefye is not responsible for delays or rejection of problems in the interbank transfer process, problems at ATMs, refusal to process Buyer’s credit or debit cards payment system. In this case, the Buyer can contact the bank or credit card provider, or payment service provider.

  6. Cinefye is not responsible for the failure of the Buyer in writing the name and account number of the destination Cinefye and bank transfer or negligence information when the Buyer makes a payment. 

E. Buyer Protection Period

  1. Upon receiving an Order, the Buyer is required to immediately check the condition of the Products and ensure the correctness, quantity, and quality of the Products received.

  2. If the Order received by the buyer is unsuitable, the Buyer can contact the Seller directly via email or Instagram DM for further settlement terms using the contact in the Site

F. Submitting a complaint

We always check and ensure the quality and quantity of the product are in accordance with the Order Form that has been approved by the Buyer before delivery. However, if the Buyer has a complaint in the form of a production defect, damaged product, expired, or the Product does not match the one on the Order Form, the Buyer can file a complaint via email or Instagram DM and we are happy to help Buyer problems.

G. Dispute resolution

  1. All disputes or disputes arising in connection with the Terms and Conditions, the Agreement, the legal relationship between the Buyer and Cinefye will be resolved first of all by consensus. 

  2. In the event that a consensus settlement cannot be reached, the parties agree to resolve the dispute or dispute at the District Court in the area of ​​the defendant. 

H. Applicable law

Terms and Conditions, Agreement, the legal relationship between Buyer and Cinefye, and all legal consequences arising in connection with the use of Cinefye.com and purchase transactions on Cinefye regulated and interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

I. Customer service

Cinefye is always committed to providing the best service for customers. If the customer has problems in using Cinefye.com, questions, comments, or suggestions, customers can contact us via email or Instagram DM.

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